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Your ultimate defense against Chat GPT’s GPTBot crawler

By now you’ve probably heard of Chat GPT. What you may not know is that Open AI, Chat GPT’s parent company, scrapes your website using GPTBot Crawler, and they use your content without your permission to train ChatGPT. GPTBot Crawler can steal your data, invade your privacy, and create problems for your site. As this threat grows, it's crucial for site owners to boost their security. AI Defender Pro is here to help you protect your info!

How AI Defender Pro works

AI Defender Pro protects your website with an advanced AI blocking code, specifically designed to keep CHAT GPT’s GPTBot crawler from accessing your website. AI Defender Pro provides an easy to install "robots.txt" file for your website that disallows GPTBot Crawler access.

Why you need to be concerned.

AI bots like ChatGPT devalue your content. Chat GPT is trained on content it scraped from your website, and uses it to generate their responses. Instead of users visiting your website to access information, they can simply get ChatGPT to generate a summary of the information they need.

How Chat GPT GPTBot Crawler works:

GPTBot Crawler is like a clever robot extracting YOUR data from YOUR website! It can be used to scrape information from websites, generate content, answer questions, and perform various other tasks all based on information acquired from YOUR website.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Protect Your Company IP

Safeguard your content

Proactive Threat Mitigation

Get protected today.

In today's digital world, safeguarding your online assets is paramount. The threat of ChatGPT scraping your website's valuable data is real and immediate. Don't wait for the consequences to strike—take action today to protect your business, user data, and brand reputation. Invest AI Defender Pro. Secure your digital fortress now, ensuring a safer and more secure online presence for your business.

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    AI Defender Pro won’t remove any data already collected from previous crawls. No service can prevent all scraping attempts on all websites.

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